Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Not making headlines in Taiwan: Turkish man acquitted of sexual assault by court

7/07/2015 Taiwan Explorer
Do you remember "the Turkish guy", that made headlines in 2013? Every foreigner in Taiwan who was here in 2013 remembers "the Turkish guy", because he was in the news every day for weeks. He made headlines, because a Taiwanese girl accused him of sexual assault. This is what the China Post wrote 2 years ago:

Ersagun, a 27-year-old, allegedly attempted to sexually assault a female university student after luring her home after a date in April, website NOWnews said. He claimed that he needed to go home and feed medicine to his sick pet rabbit, getting the alleged victim to accompany him, according to media reports.

At Ersagun's place, the university student suddenly hugged her from behind and pushed her down on the bed, attempting to remove her clothes, according to media reports. She managed to escape after screaming, the report said.

A year later in April 2014 China Post reports that a district court found him guilty:

A district court in Taipei yesterday sentenced a Turkish man to one year and 10 months in prison for attempted rape and ordered that he be deported after he has served his prison term. Yamur Kursat Ersagun, 27, was found guilty of attempting to have sexual intercourse with a woman against her will at his Taipei apartment in April 2013.

But if you followed Taiwanese media at that time in 2013, it seemed that he was already guilty of sexual assault before the court issued any official verdict. It came out that he slept with a lot of Taiwanese women, some of which he secretly filmed. Photos of his well-endowed body, as well as photos and rumors about some of the girls he has been with have been circling around social media at that time, which added even more oil to the fire. The sentiments against foreigners and Taiwanese girls dating foreigners were in general very negative during that period, and the consequences of that are still felt today. From China Post in 2013:

When searching his home on Tuesday, police found 29 video recordings of Ersagun having sex with different women, leading to comparisons with infamous convicted rapist Justin Lee on voyeurism. All of the 29 women filmed were apparently unaware that they were being filmed, prosecutors said, according to reports. Most of the videos were taken by a hidden computer lens and one was filmed by cellphone, said media reports. Prosecutors angrily called him "another version of Justin Lee," media said.

A report on Ersagun from 2013.

A few days ago the High Court acquitted him of sexual assault. China Post reports:

Ersagun Kursat Yamur (known locally by his Chinese name 王凱傑), a Turkish national living in Taiwan, was acquitted of the sexual assault, the Taiwan High Court announced yesterday. The High Court said it based its ruling on the grounds that the victim had given contradicting testimony and the Yamur had passed lie detection tests.

The High Court's verdict pointed out that the testimony given by the victim over the alleged attempted rape in April contained contradictory details regarding how she got into Yamur's apartment. Her assertion that Yamur had used force on her also contradicted with her injury assessment report, which showed not signs of external injury. The ruling can be appealed.

Strangely, the news about his acquittal has not made headlines in Taiwan.