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Mingzhi Academy, Taishan, Taipei

3/17/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Mingzhi Academy 明志書院 in Taishan District is the first academy in northern Taiwan, it was established in 1763 during the Qing Dynasty. The academy had two branches: One in Taishan, one in Hsinchu. Taishan's Mingzhi Academy was divided into 4 branches by the end of 18th century: Taishan, Tamsui, Sinjhuang and Sanchong. In 1875 the land belonging to Mingzhi Academy was divided in two, and the second part was given to Manka's (today known as Wanhua's) Xuehai Academy 學海書院 (source). The Hsinchu branch was demolished during the Japanese occupation, today's Migzhi Academy is therefore the last one remaining. What we see today is just a small part of the former complex, that was originally much larger. The building was slowly decaying throughout the 20th century up until 2003, when the bricks nearly collapsed. The local government finally decided to renovate and rebuild what was left later that year, and in 2005 the renovation works were completed (source).

Here are some of my photos from January 2013:

A front shot (the door featured Lunar New Year spring couplets).

This is one of the most beautiful swallowtail roof's I've seen in Taipei.

The main entrance.

A detail on the bricks.

The main room inside the building.

A small altar with lots of bamboo in pots.

The front yard is small, but neat.

The building as seen from the other side of the road.

I'm not sure about the opening hours, but I guess, if you arrive during the week throughout the day, you will be able to enter. There was a woman inside, when my wife and I arrived, but she was not asking us anything. We were free to walk around and take photos. There is a small exhibition inside in the two smaller rooms on each side next to the big main room. The exhibition is in Chinese, and shows the history of the academy, the building, as well as the renovation works. To get to know how to find the Mingzhi Academy, check my Taishan overview post and follow the instructions.

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