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Bu-Cheng-Shih-Sz Yamen, Taipei

3/13/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Bu-Cheng-Shih-Sz-Yamen 布政使司衙門 inside the Taipei Botanical Garden in Zhongzheng District is the old administration building and residence of the former provincial governor during the Qing Dynasty. The Qing established Taipei as the capital of their Taiwan Province in 1885 (until the 1895 Japanese invasion). The building commonly known as Yamen 衙門 was built in 1889, but not at the present site - its original location was in northern Zhongzheng. It was relocated to the present site between 1932 and 1936 during the Japanese occupation in order to make space for a Public Hall (公會堂). The former public hall building is today known as Zhongshan Hall. Just like the Yamen, it's a very unique and historically significant building (source).

An old photo of the Yamen shows how large the complex used to be.

Today's Yamen (which has been transformed into a museum) is just a shrunk down version of the former building, and its location in the middle of the Taipei Botanical Garden makes it a rather peripheral occurrence. It used to stand in the very center of Taipei in the late 20th century. You can see some old photos of the building here.

Here are some of my photos from July 2012:

A side view of the current Yamen.

Lots of visitors at the main entrance.

The Yamen (as it stands today) is a largely wooden structure.

The main yard after entering the premises.

This is a small exhibition, that explains the history of the building.

The inside was very cool and dark.

Unfortunately there wasn't much written in English.

The main hall is very large.

An old wooden door on display.

The view out.

An old wall at the back of the building.

A hallway with a small exhibition on related artifacts.

A view on the Yamen from outside.

An old photo of the North Gate and Yamen in the distance (photo source).

The Old Yamen is very easy to find. Go out at Xiaonanmen MRT Station Exit 3 and walk to the Botanical Garden. Once inside, keep right and you'll eventually end up at the building in about 5-10 mins.

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Pinyin: Bù zhèng shǐ sī Yámén
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