Thursday, January 20, 2011


Xizhi 汐止區, Taipei

1/20/2011 Taiwan Explorer
1. Introduction

• Known for: technology companies
• Population: 193,000 (2013, source)
• Wade-Giles: Hsi-chih
• Pinyin: Xìzhĭ
• Romaji: Shiodome
• Map: My map of Xizhi

Xizhi 汐止區 (pronounced something like She-jerr) is Taipei's most Western urban district. The area is known for being trapped in a very narrow valley carved by the Keelung River and is home to various companies in technology such as Acer, Garmin and QNAP. The area itself is not famous for historic landmark, it's mostly industrial and residential, but there are few spots in the surrounding hills and mountains, that are good for hiking. Here are the must see buildings and parts of Xizhi (my personal recommendations): Dream Lake and Gongbei Temple.

2. Points of interest

Below are selected points of interest of Xizhi District. The ones I have already blogged about are linked in • bold, check them out. The ones without link are on my list to visit. Tip: To open links in new tab, hold down Ctrl or ⌘ while clicking on the link.


• Xizhi Street 汐止老街 (中正路)
• Dream Lake 夢湖


• Cihang Memorial Hall 慈航紀念堂
• Gongbei Temple 拱北殿


• Xizhi Night Market 汐止夜市

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