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Lower Taishan Temple, Taishan, Taipei

2/21/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Lower Taishan Temple 下泰山巖 in Taishan District was built in 1875 by Huang and Tsai, two members of the older Upper Taishan Temple. They believed, that for many elders the old temple is too far, so they decided to place the newer one near the Taishan Old Street. The temple was thoroughly renovated in 1912 during the Japanese occupation. Although it looks quite new, it's actually over 130 years old (source).

Here are some of my photos of the temple:

Red lanterns.

The beautifully decorated entrance.

Another view.

Inside the main hall.

My wife and I went to the top floor.

A detail from the roof.

A view down on the market place.

Freshly fried sausages made this boy salivate.

A view up.

The whole area near the temple is one of Taishan's oldest parts.

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