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Chingshui Temple, Wanhua, Taipei

2/04/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Qingshui Temple 艋舺清水巖 in Wanhua District is one of the oldest and most famous temples in Taipei. It was built in 1787 by immigrants from Anxi County in today's Fujian and is also known as Divine Forefathers Temple 艋舺祖師廟 (source). Located right in the middle between the Southern Wanhua and Ximending, it's a turning point between one of the most popular areas with elders and one of the most popular areas with young people. The temple itself is surrounded by poor dwellings and unlike its popular neighbor the Longshan Temple, it felt very abandoned and decaying when I visited, well not the temple itself, but the whole surrounding area.

Here are some of my photos from summer 2012:

There is an unusually big plaza in front of the temple.

A big apartment block on the left.

The beautiful entrance gate on the right, run down stalls on the left.

This is what you can see, when you enter the temple complex.

The main gate is nicely renovated.

The Qingshui Temple.

A small food court on the left.

The temple looks neat from close.

A detail.

A look back to the main gate.

A peek inside the temple.

This is someone's home.

Drying clothes.

I decided to walk around the temple complex.

A peek between the houses.

A sleeping dog.

The easiest way to visit the temple is to go out at Ximen MRT Station Exit 1 and walk for about 10 minutes (check my map for reference).

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Pinyin: Měngxiá Qīngshueǐ Yén
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