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Taipei Fine Arts Museum

1/21/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum 台北市立美術館 (short TFAM) is a museum in Taipei's Zhongshan District, that focuses on Chinese modern art and international exchange (source). The modernist building was completed in 1983 and features elements of the Japanese Metabolist Movement, an example of that would be Tokyo's Nagakin Capsule Tower. You can read more about the museum here. The design of this museum is definitely as interesting as the art found inside.

Let me show you some photos from September 2012:

This sculpture is located opposite the entrance.

A steel horse statue.

The museum name displayed on the wall uses a modern font.

Very unique architecture.

Sticking out like two canons.

There is a beautiful park at the backside of the museum.

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Pinyin: Táipěi Shìlì Měishùguǎn
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