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NTU College of Social Sciences, Taipei

1/02/2013 Taiwan Explorer

National Taiwan University College of Social Sciences 國立臺灣大學社會科學院 is a university complex in Zhongzheng District and part of National Taiwan University. The college, that was initially focused on law, has its roots in 1928. It was part of the Taipei Imperial University 臺北帝國大學 (source). It's one of my passions to stroll around various universities and campuses in Taipei, I like the atmosphere and it makes me feel I'm discovering a part of Taipei's history, that's not so openly on display like the so often recommended landmarks. Here are some of my photos of the small yet beautiful college, the photos are from December 2012:

The wall that separates the college from the outside world.

I entered from the Shaoxing Road, it's a side entrance.

The college is full of green spaces.

Beautifully renovated old buildings.

I really like the pathway.

I decided to go inside.

All buildings are nicely connected, you can't get wet during rain.

This is between two buildings.

This is almost like a forest.

This is the way out to the main yard.

A small courtyard further up.

A bigger hallway.

The outer facade.

Another small courtyard with a nice garden.

The opposite side.

This is the main yard, which includes a driveway.

This looks like the main building of the college.

This is where I came out.

An old pine tree is one of the garden's highlights.

The table was inviting, but I was headed to other parts of Taipei.

This is the main entrance, I exited here.

The main entrance at Xuzhou Road is actually right at the opposite of another hidden gem: The former Art Salon of the Mayor of Taipei, a wooden Japanese house from 1940. It's called "La Mairie Cafe" today, you can have coffee or lunch here - I highly recommend you to visit both of them at the same time. The Donghe Bell Tower is also not very far from here.

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