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National Taiwan Museum, Taipei

1/27/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The National Taiwan Museum 國立台灣博物館 located in the 228 Peace Memorial Park is Taiwan's oldest museum and definitely one of the must-see places for every visitor to Taipei. It was originally named Taiwan Governor Museum 臺灣總督府博物館 and was built in 1915 during the Japanese rule over Taiwan. The architect was no other than Nomura Ichiro 野村一郎, who also designed the Taipei Water Plant and the Guest House. From 1945 to 1999 it was named Taiwan Provincial Museum 臺灣省立博物館 (from 1945-1949 臺灣省博物館, source). If you want to know more about the history, check out this page. I have been to the 228 Park several times and I've taken tons of photos of the building from the outside, but it was yesterday, that I finally went inside and checked out what the museum has to offer.

These are the photos of the building taken in summer 2011:

A statue of Confucius is found close to the museum.

A beautiful paifang.

The backside of the museum as seen from the park.

The bronze dome turned this building into one of the city's historic landmarks.

The western wing of the building.

A detail of the facade.

The front part is a small plaza.

The main entrance.

The front features Greek Doric columns.

A closeup on the ornamentation above the main entrance.

This statue used to be part of the Taiwan Shrine, today the Grand Hotel.

These are the photos from January 26, 2013:

The main hall inside is relatively small, but very exquisite.

This is the central part of the building located right under that dome.

There was an activity taking place: Kids could test their Chinese calligraphy skills.

Calligraphy masters were writing blessings on spring couplets 春聯. We got one.

This was my favorite exhibition: It was about the Yellow Tiger Flag.

The only preserved flag from the Republic of Formosa.

We went upstairs.

Every hallway has some art on display.

Another interesting exhibition is dedicated to Taiwan's indigenous peoples.

We saw these beautiful stairways on the way down.

I could share more photos, but I don't want to be a spoiler. The two main temporary exhibitions at this time are dedicated to the Formosan Tiger named "The Return of the Yellow Tiger Flag" and to Ko Hsiang named "Legend of the Taiwanese Mummy Ko Hsiang" - both are very interesting and I highly recommend you to see them (they are located at the ground floor and will last until April 2013). On the second floor are two permanent exhibitions, one about Taiwan's indigenous peoples, another one on Taiwan's fauna. The tickets cost us only 20 NTD per person (less than 1 USD), which is basically for free. And you can use the same tickets to cross the street opposite the museum and check an exhibition at the Land Bank of Taiwan.

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