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National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan

1/22/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The neo-classical Chinese building today housing the National Museum of History 國立歷史博物館 used to be the Taipei Commercial Museum 台北商品陳列館 during the Japanese times (1917-1945), a venue for various industrial and agricultural fairs.

History of the museum

It was built in 1917 and is sometimes also called Taipei Product Exhibition Hall. Located in Zhongzheng District, it once stood next to the Taipei Plant Nursery 台北苗圃, both buildings complemented each other (source). A decade after the retrocession of Taiwan to ROC in 1956, the Japanese-style building was transformed into a classical Chinese structure featuring Ming and Qing palace architecture. It was renamed National Museum of History and has remained that way until today. The museum's homepage states, that the "collection originally consisted of artifacts from the Henan Museum that were relocated to Taiwan in 1949, and of relics recovered from the Japanese after the Sino-Japanese War." and were later extended with acquisitions of artifacts from "the Neolithic period and the ancient Chinese dynasties Shang, Zhou, Han, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing, up to the contemporary era." - (source)

The Commercial Museum depicted on a postcard from the 1930s.

Here are some of my photos from summer 2012:

The backside of the museum is facing the Botanical Garden.

Another angle.

Slowly approaching the building.

Visitors to the museum.

A detail.

From bottom up.

The main entrance.

A detail of the roof.

The main entrance again.

Beautiful calligraphy.

Meticulously crafted ornamentation.

The Former National Science Education Center in the distance.

The front again.

To find the museum, it's best you go to Xiaonanmen MRT Station and go out at Exit 3 and walk through the Botanical Garden. You will reach the museum in about 5 mins.

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