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Museum of Drinking Water, Taipei

1/26/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Museum of Drinking Water 自來水博物館, also known as Taipei Water Plant 臺北水道水源地 is one of the most beautiful architectural remains of the Japanese colonial times in Taiwan and probably one of the most commonly forgotten gems in Taipei, even by the locals. It was built in 1908 (source) and resembles a Baroque-styled palace. Taipei received its first water supply in 1885 during the Qing Dynasty and under the governance of Liu Mingchuan 劉銘傳, but it were the Japanese (1895-1945), that expanded the and improved the infrastructure. The architect behind the building was Nomura Ichiro 野村一郎, who is known for designing the Guest House (source), the whole system and implementation was designed by the British engineer William K. Burton 巴爾頓, who was at that time serving the Japanese (source).

Let me show you some photos from December 2012:

This is the entrance. I paid a small fee, 50 NTD I think.

It was right before Christmas, hence the decoration.

A good angle to capture the whole building.

A bronze dome tops the building.

This is the backside.

A view on the beautiful Greek style columns.

A shot from the front.

A view from the other side.

A detailed closeup.


I went inside.

This is the main hall with all the machines and pipes.

Everything is very well restored.

A detail on the old machine.

I went out again. This is the garden in front of the building.

An interesting sculpture.

The whole building from another angle.

This is the only photo, where I captured the whole building.

Here is a beautiful video by Ivan Chang (see on YouTube, if it doesn't work).

I would definitely recommend to visit this museum, even if you're not really into the history of drinking water in Taipei. The building is one of the most beautiful in Taipei and you'll have lots of good opportunities to take amazing photos (many pre-wedding photos are taken here). If you visit on a week day chances are good, that there won't be many people and you can sorta get away from the usual big city hustle and bustle. To find the museum, go out at Gongguan MRT Station Exit 4 and turn left. Walk straight for about 5-10 minutes and you will be there.

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