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List of Museums in Taipei

1/30/2013 Taiwan Explorer
Photos from the book "100 Treasures of Emperors", National Palace Museum.

One thing Taipei is famous for are museums. The city is not only home to one of the most famous museums in the world, it's probably among the East Asian cities, that boast with the biggest number and variety of museums. Sure, a lot of them might not offer huge collections or they tend to be very specific, such as the Museum of Drinking Water or the Museum of World Religions, but that doesn't mean they are not interesting - often to the contrary. There is also a huge number of historic sites, that offer various permanent exhibitions - the boundaries are often very blurry. This is also one of the reasons, why my list is so long - I wanted to list every place, that exhibits something. Unfortunately I haven't visited all of them, that's why you will see two kinds of links: One to my post and one to the museum's home page. If I've written about a certain museum, you can read my review with photos and more information, before you hop to their homepage. This list will be updated, when I visit more of them and when certain information changes. All basic data was taken from the government's museum list.

1. Must-see museums in Taipei

This is my recommended list of must-see museums in Taipei based on my personal preference. Keep in mind, that my preferences may well differ from yours, so just take them as a reference and make your own choices. The ones listed on top have higher priority than the ones at the bottom. I reserve the right to update this list in the future:

• National Palace Museum
• National Taiwan Museum
• National 228 Memorial Museum
• Taipei Fine Arts Museum
• National Museum of History
• Office of the President
• Museum of Contemporary Art
• Li Family Residence
• Yingge Ceramics Museum
• Museum of Drinking Water

2. Taipei's best known museums

This group includes the most famous and popular museums in Taipei, you will find them listed in most travel guides. Explore my links and blog posts:

• NATIONAL PALACE MUSEUM | 國立故宮博物院 | • My blog post>>

• NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY | 國立台灣博物館 | • My blog post>>

• NATIONAL TAIWAN MUSEUM | 國立台灣博物館 | • My blog post>>

• LAND BANK OF TAIWAN | 臺灣土地銀行 | • My post>>

• MUSEUM OF FORMOSAN ABORIGINES | 順益台灣原住民博物館 | • Homepage>>

• NATIONAL 228 MEMORIAL MUSEUM | 二二八國家紀念館 | • Homepage>>

• TAIPEI 228 MEMORIAL MUSEUM | 台北二二八紀念館 | • Homepage>>

• TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUM | 台北市立美術館 | • My blog post>>

• MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART | 台北當代藝術館 | • My blog post>>

• BEITOU HOT SPRING MUSEUM | 北投溫泉博物館 | • My blog post>>

• BEITOU FOLK ARTS MUSEUM | 北投文物館 | • Homepage>>

• MUSEUM OF DRINKING WATER | 台北自來水博物館 | • My blog post>>

• TAMSUI HISTORICAL MUSEUM | 台北自來水博物館 | • My blog post>>

• YINGEE CERAMICS MUSEUM | 鶯歌陶瓷博物館 | • My blog post>>

3. ROC related museums and exhibitions

These group of museums is related to the Republic of China (ROC), the pre-WWII republic established in China and the the post-WWII republic continued on Taiwan. The overall theme of these museums is the history, military and government institutions of the ROC. If you are into this part of Chinese and Taiwanese history, then this list is definitely something for you. Explore the related links:

• OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT | 中華民國總統府 | • My post>>

• CHIANG KAI-SHEK MEMORIAL HALL | 國立中正紀念堂 | • My post>>

• ACADEMIA HISTORICA | (國史館) 總統副總統文物館 | • Homepage>>
This is also known as Presidential and Vice-Presidential Artifacts Museum.

• ROC ARMED FORCES MUSEUM | 國軍歷史文物館 | • Homepage>>


• SUN YAT-SEN MEMORIAL HALL | 國立國父紀念館 | • My post>>

• SUN YAT-SEN MEMORIAL HOUSE | 國父史蹟紀念館 | • My post>>

• GRASS MOUNTAIN CHATEAU | 草山行館 | • My post>>

• SHILIN OFFICIAL RESIDENCE | 士林官邸 | • My post>>

• TAIWAN LAND REFORM MUSEUM | 土地改革紀念館 | • Homepage>>

4. Historic residences with exhibitions

This list is dedicated to all those old houses (mostly from the late Qing dynasty), that exhibit items from the past and will give you a good insight into how life used to be in the 19th and 18th century, when Taipei was just a small settlement along the Tamsui river.

• LIANRANG ESTATE | 濂讓居 | • My post>>

• TAIPEI STORY HOUSE | 台北故事館 | • My post>>

List of Museums in Taipei
• LI FAMILY RESIDENCE | 蘆洲李宅古蹟 | • My post>>

• LIN FAMILY RESIDENCE | 林本源園邸 | • My post>>

• LIN AN TAI ANCESTRAL HOME | 林安泰古厝 | • My post>>

• RED HOUSE | 西門紅樓 | • My post>>

5. Niche museums

You'll rarely find a city, that has so many niche museums like Taipei. These are often hidden, but can be quite a treasure trove of unique art, forgotten history and cultural heritage. Perhaps they are not everybody's preference, but some of you might definitely find something interesting among them, so spend some time and explore the links:

• MUSEUM OF JADE ART | 瑩瑋藝術翡翠文化博物館 | • Homepage>>

• MINIATURES MUSEUM OF TAIWAN | 袖珍博物館 | • Homepage>>

• CHUNGHWA POSTAL MUSEUM | 郵政博物館 | • Homepage>>

• CUSTOMS MUSEUM | 海關博物館 | • Homepage>>

• TAIPEI ASTRONOMICAL MUSEUM | 臺北市立天文科學教育館 | • Homepage>>

• MUSEUM OF WORLD RELIGIONS | 世界宗教博物館 | • Homepage>>

• YUYU YANG MUSEUM | 楊英風美術館 | • Homepage>>

• PUPPET THEATRE MUSEUM | 林柳新紀念偶戲博物館 | • Homepage>>

• FIRE SAFETY MUSEUM | 防災科學教育館 | • Homepage>>


• HWA KANG MUSEUM | 華岡博物館 | • Homepage>>

• CHILDREN'S ART MUSEUM | 蘇荷兒童美術館 | • Homepage>>

• HAKKA CULTURAL PARK | 臺北市客家文化主題公園 | • Homepage>>

• TITTOT GLASS ART MUSEUM | 琉園水晶博物館 | • Homepage>>

• NTUA ART MUSEUM | 琉園水晶博物館 | • Homepage>>

• HONG-GAH MUSEUM | 鳳甲美術館 | • Homepage>>


• EVERGREEN MARITIME MUSEUM | 長榮海事博物館 | • Homepage>>

• TAMKANG UNI. MARITIME MUSEUM | 淡江大學海事博物館 | • Homepage>>

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