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Lianrang Estate, Taipei

1/12/2013 Taiwan Explorer

The Lianrang Estate 濂讓居 (sometimes called Qiangrang Estate or with the full name Longanpo Huang Family Liangrang Estate 龍安坡黃宅濂讓居, source) is a three-sectioned redbrick farmhouse (called sanheyuan 三合院 in Chinese), that was built between 1892 and 1897. It's today located in Taipei's Daan District and incroporated in the Longmen Junior High School campus and part of the curriculum of their Taiwan studies. The former residence of the Huang Family, which came to Taiwan from Fujian in the 18th century, was nationalized after World War II and belonged to the ROC army. In 1999 the building was planned for demolition in order to make space for the new Longmen Junior High School, but a debate was sparked about preserving the house and at last the Taipei City government gave it the status of a monument the same year. The school was built between 2002 and 2004 all around the Lianrang Estate (source).

In case you want to visit, you will need to go to the school's main gate and leave your ID, address and phone number to the security guard. They will give you a visitor card, which you have to wear around your neck at all times. This is not really a tourist spot, nevertheless they do let in tourists, who say they want to visit the house. Judging by the almost empty form, which my wife and I had to fill out, very few people decide to visit here. This is partly because Taipei City government doesn't really promote this old house as a must-see spot like the New Taipei government does with Lin Family Garden and Mansion, and partly because the house is part of a high school.

Let me show you my photos from January 2013:

This is the main gate of the Longmen Junior High School, you have to enter here.

The school is very modern and quite big.

This is the backside of the Lianrang Estate. You can see Taipei 101 in the distance.

My wife reading about the history of the house.

The side wing.

The courtyard with the main building.

A closeup on the main building.

A door on the side wing.

The round window in the corner.

The beautiful main entrance.

We entered through a side door.

Almost every room has some historic utensils on display.

This was the bedroom (the bed doesn't look too comfy).

This was a dining room, it was very dark and cool.

This is the main building's altar.

The small hole bottom right is meant for guns.

This room looked like a class room.

The last room of the side wing was very big, yet empty.

We went out again.

We decided to go around the house.

The roof ornamentation is very beautiful.

This is the house outside the main yard.

A detail of the roof.

This is what you can see from the house, if you don't go inside the school.

There are few turtles in the pond, this one was doing tai-chi, I think.

If you plan on visiting the Lianrang Estate, the easiest way would be to take the brown line to Technology Building MRT Station and walk southwards to the Heping East Road, then turn right and walk for about 10 minutes. After you pass the campus of the National Taipei University of Education Experimental Elementary School, turn right into a small side lane and you will see the old building within a minute. To enter the Longmen Junior High School, you will need to walk to the opposite side of the campus.

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Pinyin: Lóngānpō Huáng zhái Liénràng jū
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