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Chi Nan Temple: Linghsiao Shrine

1/14/2013 Taiwan Explorer

Chi Nan Temple 指南宮 (sometimes spelled Zhinan Temple) is one of Taipei's most famous Taoist temples. The name literally means "Point to south temple" and was given after the Chi Nan Mountain 指南山, where it was built. Commoners usually refer to it as Hsien Kung Temple 仙公廟, literally "Male god temple". The name is given out of respect for the god Lü Tung-pin 呂洞賓. What's special about this temple is its location above Taipei, that offers a beautiful view and the fact, that it's not a single temple, but rather a complex of several shrines, of which the main ones are Chunyang shrine, Tahsiung Shrine and the one I'm about to introduce here: The Linghsiao Shrine. The temple is easily accessible by the Maokong Gondola, it even has its own station.

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The Linghsiao Shrine 凌霄寶殿 (literally "Rise to Heaven Shrine") which was completed in 1966, is with its 6 stories the tallest structure of the Chi Nan Temple. When you arrive with the gondola to the Zhinan Temple Station, the Linghsiao Shrine is the closest in proximity and I recommend you to first visit this shrine (it's just 3 min away by foot) before you explore others.

Let me share some pictures with you from January 2013:

The walkway from the station to the temple is very nicely paved.

When you are close, you will very fast realize how majestic this temple is.

The paifang is very impressive as well.

A detail from the roof exposes a beautiful dragon.

The view is just breathtaking here.

Perhaps my favorite part of the temple is the incense burner with golden dragons.

A golden dragon from close.

A detail from the roof.

The main hall.

My wife decided to bai bai.

Here you can see how huge the dragons actually are.

This is the main hall and the altar.

Lots of red lanterns for good luck.

We decided to walk further to the second shrine.

A new view on the temple was revealed to us.

The statue of a loving mother.

The temple from a distance.

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