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Chi Nan Temple: Chunyang Shrine

1/14/2013 Taiwan Explorer

Chi Nan Temple 指南宮 (sometimes spelled Zhinan Temple) is one of Taipei's most famous Taoist temples. The name literally means "Point to south temple" and was given after the Chi Nan Mountain 指南山, where it was built. Commoners usually refer to it as Hsien Kung Temple 仙公廟, literally "Male god temple". The name is given out of respect for the god Lü Tung-pin 呂洞賓. What's special about this temple is its location above Taipei, that offers a beautiful view and the fact, that it's not a single temple, but rather a complex of several shrines, of which the main ones are Linghsiao shrine, Tahsiung Shrine and the one I'm about to introduce here: The Chunyang Shrine. The temple is easily accessible by the Maokong Gondola, it even has its own station.

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The Chunyang Shrine 純陽寶殿 (literally "Pure Sun Shrine") is the oldest of all shrines. It was built in 1890 during the late Qing Dynasty and then further expanded between 1920 and 1950. The big paifang has been renovated and modified in recent years. This shrine is much smaller than the other two, but the rich history and the magnificent view make it my favorite. In the center of the shrine is a statue of Lü Tung-pin, the founder of the Pure Sun Sect, that gave the shrine its name.

Let me share some pictures with you from January 2013:

The incense burner is located near the main paifang.

Walking down these old stairs offers some great views.

A look back at the colossal paifang.

We were lucky to see a beautiful sunset.

This is definitely one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen in Taipei.

The sunset painting the paifang a little bit red.

The stairs were painted red, too.

The top of the paifang features some beautiful ornamentation.

Some people come here just for the view - I can relate to them.

This is the backside of the shrine.

We found a beautiful mini-waterfall with two golden dragons.

And then we walked further to the next temple.

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