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Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Taipei

12/08/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The building, that's today housing a branch of the Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合作金庫商業銀行 was built in 1927 during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. It was known as the Taipei Credit Union 臺北信用組合 (Romaji Taihoku Shinyō Kumiai) until 1946. The design of the structure incorporates classic Greek and Renaissance elements. It's also said, that the architect tried to imitate a commercial building in Chicago (source). A small tip: The backside of the building is facing the famous Zhongshan Hall.

Here are some of my photos from summer and autumn 2012:

The design is a mixture of round and straight elements.

The upper part of a corner.

A side view.

This is from the bottom up.

Another shot.

The entrance of the bank.

This is the building as seen from the Zhongshan Hall.

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Pinyin: Hézuò Jīnkù Shāngyè Yínháng (Táiběi Xìnyòng Zǔhé)
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