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National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei

12/16/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The National Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學, commonly known as Shida 師大, is one of Taiwan's most famous public universities. Its roots go back to 1922, when the Taiwan Governor-General Colleges 臺灣總督府高等學校 were established under the Japanese rule. Since I went to the nearby National Taiwan University a few days ago, I felt I have to visit Shida as well, especially because I have never been there. I was mostly interested to see the old buildings and to feel the atmosphere and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Sadly, the weather was not that good for a photo shoot with my wife's old Pentax, because the sky kept changing from blue to grey to white. Nevertheless, I think my photos are good enough to convey the basic idea how Shida's main campus looks like.

This is the main entrance located on the Heping East Road.

The gate is colossal.

The Heping East Road is serving as a parking lot for scooters and bicycles.

This is the Administration building or 行政大樓.

This building had one floor less during the Japanese times.

Open windows: I saw students peeking out here.

The courtyard features a roundabout and a water fountain.

This most likely symbolizes something. I'm wondering what.

This is another famous building from the old times: The lecture hall or 講堂.

Looks like it's been renovated recently.

A very solemn atmosphere is surrounding this building.

The backside of the lecture hall. Read more about the hall here (in Chinese).

The track and field stadium.

Guting's famous residential building: The Grey Triplets.

I decided to walk back.

And this is the administration building again.

This is the opposite side.

At the corner.

This is like an open-air living room, probably the coziest part of the campus.

This is the Wenhui Hall or 文薈廳.

A view from the side.

On the left is the Puzi Building or 樸字樓.

A mini palm forest.

Plants in pots, how cute.

I like the clock.

This is old style news consumption. He has become a legend.

Shida is full of tables and benches, where people can relax.

I soon left this beautiful campus.

To learn more about Shida, click here. To find the university campus, go to Guting MRT Station, then go out at Exit 5 and walk straight. After 10 minutes, you will see the big university gate on your right across the street, you really can't miss it. I recommend visiting Shida to those tourists, who are interested in Japanese colonial architecture and are looking for something off the beaten track and something cozy. If you need a place to hang out and soak in university feeling, Shida is a much better option than Taida, because it's smaller and full of benches and tables for you to sit and relax, perhaps sip a Taiwan beer and take few pics. Coffee is a good alternative, too.

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