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Lin Yutang House, Yangmingshan, Taipei

12/28/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Lin Yutang House 林語堂故居 on Yangmingshan is one of those magical places above Taipei, where I could stay for hours, because I'm so enamored with its ambiance and the beautiful view. Located right above Tianmu 天母, a famous neighborhood in Shilin, the Lin Yutang House is one Taipei's less known architectural gems. It was built in 1966 and designed by the writer Lin Yutang 林語堂 himself, who gave it its name (source). The design incorporates Chinese and Western elements: The decorative roof tiles reminded me of the ones at Liberty Square, but all in all it felt like a Mediterranean house, very similar to the ones I saw at my home country's coastal region. Aside from being curious about the architecture, my wife and I wanted to take a rest after the extensive tour of the Chungshan Building and the Lin Yutang House was perfect for that, because it's located next to a bus stop on the way down to Shilin. I wasn't familiar with the famous Chinese writer who spent some of his later years here, but the exhibition on his life was very interesting and I learned a lot about him. There's an entrance fee of 30 NTD, if you want to see it (check opening hours here).

Let me share some pictures with you from December 2012:

A welcome sign awaits you at the entrance.

My best shot of the house.

The main gate.

A peek inside.

The small pond inside the courtyard is very lovely.

A meeting room.

The spiral-shaped columns at the patio are very interesting.

Another view of the courtyard.

Koy fish in the pond.

The café with a view

The entrance to the café.

We chose the balcony, because of the view.

This is what we saw.

There is a small garden below, where Lin Yutang is buried. I have cropped out the grave out of respect for the deceased.

This is the menu.

I ordered cappuccino. It was excellent, but came at a price way over 100 NTD.

Wife wanted to try the waffle - it was pretty good.

It more than enough for two people.

We went around the house right around sunset.

This was my best sunset shot.

The backside.

The balcony, where we sat before.

A view from the side.

It was soon time to leave - wife lead the way.

Visiting here definitely feels like entering a world much different from the one in Taipei City. The view is magnificent, the ambiance very soothing for the soul. During our visit the house was mostly empty and we were lucky to get the seat with the nicest view, but I'm not sure that's always the case. Truth is, the food and drinks are quite expensive, but you probably pay for the whole experience and you won't be there all the time. If you want to see some images of the exhibition, check this Taiwanese blog. You can also read more about Lin Yutang and his in a very well written article by Epoch Times.

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