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List of shopping malls in Taipei

11/13/2012 Taiwan Explorer

If you are a first timer to Taipei and one of your must-do activities include shopping, this post is intended for you. I've compiled a list of most interesting shopping malls and department stores in central Taipei. This is not a complete list and I don't have photos and detailed descriptions of all of them. This is a basic overview with related links, you will need to do your own research and decide which mall would be best suitable for you.

Shopping in Taipei

If you want to shop in Taipei, you can do it virtually everywhere. Rarely have I seen a city so loaded with stores and shops like Taipei. Huge department stores are more of a recent phenomenon, they have started to appear in the past two decades, when the center of Taipei shifted from the West to East District. The traditional way of selling goods was confined to specific streets or areas. There is still a Book Street and Shoe Street in Zhongzheng, but they don't attract a lot of people anymore. The modern department stores are luring away their customers. Even the famous Wufenpu, an area known for garment wholesale, is not what it used to be.

Shopping mall areas

The 4 key shopping mall areas in central Taipei.

There are 4 core areas, that offer a variety of modern shopping malls. No 1 is the Xinyi Commercial Area (located between City Hall MRT Station and Taipei 101). Some of the biggest, most modern and also most exquisite shopping malls in the city can be found here. Typically, people who shop here, don't look for bargains. Most of the world famous brands can be found here. If you are a rich traveler, this is where I would advise you to go. No 2 is the Main Station Area (located between Shing Kong Life Tower, Taipei Main Station and Zhongshan MRT Station). This is the old shopping mall district from the early 1990s and features several underground malls, which makes is great for shopping during rainy days. It's more likely to get a good bargain here. No 3 is the Zhongxiao Road Area (between the stations Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station, Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station and Zhongxiao Dunhua MRT Station). This area is famous for being upscale and kind of a Taipei fashion street, so the prices are not low. No 4 is Nanjing East Road Area, a huge boulevard with a plenty of shopping opportunities. You can even find IKEA here. In addition to these areas, there are few shopping malls in Taipei's central districts, that are more on their own, please check the last part of this post, it's dedicated to them. In recent years there is a trend of building shopping malls in heavily populated suburban districts such as in Banciao (around Banciao MRT Station) and Zhonghe. One of the oldest shopping areas is Tianmu, which is also known as one of Taipei's richest neighborhoods. However, it's located quite far from the central part of the city, so I decided to not include it here.

List of Shopping malls in Taipei by area

1. Xinyi Business Area

• HANKYU | 統一阪急百貨 | www.uni-hankyu.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• BELLAVITA | 寶麗廣塲 | www.bellavita.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI | 新光三越 | www.skm.com.tw | Location Map

• SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI | 新光三越 | www.skm.com.tw | Location Map

• ATT4FUN | FB | www.att4fun.com.tw | Location Map

• VIESHOW | FB | www.vscinemas.com.tw | Location Map

• NEO19 | www.neo19.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• TAIPEI 101 MALL | www.taipei-101.com.tw/MALL | Location Map | My post

2. Zhongxiao East Road

• SOGO PACIFIC | 太平洋崇光 | www.sogo.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• SOGO PACIFIC | 太平洋崇光 | www.sogo.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• EAST METRO MALL | 東區地下街 | Location Map

• BREEZE CENTER | 微風廣場 | www.breezecenter.com | FB | Location Map

• GUANG HUA DIGITAL PLAZA | 光華商場 | Location map | My post

3 Nanjing East Road

• MOMO百貨 | www.momodept.com.tw | Location Map

• IKEA | www.ikea.com/tw/ | FB | Location Map

4 Main Station area


• Q SQUARE MALL | 京站時尚廣場 | www.qsquare.com.tw | FB | Location Map

• SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI | 新光三越 | www.skm.com.tw | Location Map

• ZHONGSHAN METRO MALL | 中山地下街 | Location Map

• SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI | 新光三越 | www.skm.com.tw | Location Map

Malls outside the center

These shopping malls are a little bit outside the four key shopping areas, but still worth to mention. While the Living Mall is in decline, the area around Miramar is becoming more and more popular.

LIVING MALL | 京華城 | web01.livingmall.com.tw | FB | Location Map | My post

• MIRAMAR | 美麗華百樂園 | www.miramar.com.tw | Location Map | My post

Future developments

There are two major projects on the way in Taipei, that will include huge shopping areas. The first one is Taipei Dome, which will be located very close to the Xinyi Business Area and another one is Gate of Taipei, two skyscrapers planned to stand next to Taipei Main Station. A lot of shopping malls are being constructed in the modern center of Banqiao in recent years, which is becoming one of Greater Taipei's biggest shopping centers. There are also several smaller shopping malls being built in Xinyi. All in all, Taipei is expanding its shopping portfolio, if everyone will be able to get a piece of the pie has yet to be seen.

If you have any shopping mall suggestion, that you feel should land on my list, let me know in the comments. I will expand this post in the future with more information and additional images.

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