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Futai Street Mansion, Taipei

11/08/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Futai Street Mansion 撫台街洋樓 in Taipei is one of those rare buildings in the city, that are over 100 years old. It was built in 1910 and served as headquarters for a Japanese construction company (source). The Western-style house is located very close to Beimen, Taipei's northern gate and the Beimen Post Office. It's definitely worth to walk to this area and check out all three of them.

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The house is not as big and popular with tourists like the Taipei Story House, nevertheless it's still a very precious remain from the old times, that should not be disregarded. There is a Facebook fan page and a blog dedicated to the house and occasionally it serves as a venue for exhibitions and other activities.

Here are some of my photos of the house, September 2012:

The beautifully renovated roof.

A shot from the northern angle. I wonder, who's Porsche is that.

A closeup on the northern wall.

Wooden elements beautifully round up the design.

I've read, that it's possible to see the interior of the house, but I can't verify, if that's still the case. I'll check it out in the near future and if the answer is yes, I will go and visit and add photos here.

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