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Taipei Story House / Yuanshan Mansion

9/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Taipei Story House 台北故事館, originally named Yuanshan Mansion 圓山別莊 is a Tudor style house located in Zhongshan District. It was built in 1913. Since 2003 the former mansion has become a venue for exhibitions. If you want to enter, there's an admission fee of 50 NTD. There is a small cafe near the building, which is very popular. The Story House is located very close to the Museum of Fine Arts and opposite of the Taipei Children's Recreational Center. Read more about the history of the Story House on their homepage>>

Taipei Story House.

A detail of the facade.

A tiny garden, where the peeps gather.

There's even a pond.

The nice little cafe on the right.

This is the inside of the cafe.

Ice latte and tea were super tasty. I recommend.

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Ningnuo Pinyin: Táipěi Gùshìguǎn
Related website: Homepage
Admission fee: 50 NTD
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Zhongshan District
Lin An Tai Ancestral Home

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