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Taipei Children's Recreation Center: World of Yesterday

9/09/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Taipei Children's Recreation Center 臺北市立兒童育樂中心 is a popular spot in northern Zhongshan District and as the name already indicates - it's dedicated to children. The recreation center is divided in 3 parts: "World of Yesterday" 昨日世界, "World of Tomorrow" 明日世界 and the "World of Pleasure" 遊樂世界. My wife and I were actually headed in this area to see the nearby Rinzai Zen Temple, but when I saw the old Qing Dynasty houses in the distance, I was curious and wanted to have a look. It turned out, that these buildings are not historic, but merely a recreation of a Fujianese village and a part of the so called World of Yesterday. The recreation center is a great place for families, especially during the weekend, where they have a lot of activities. We were lucky to see an interesting performance and had a lot of fun exploring the site.

A brief History of the site

Despite being a fake Chinese village, the history of this site is quite rich. It dates back to the Japanese occupation period (1895-1945) and it was the original site of the former Yuanshan Zoo 圓山動物園 (also known as Maruyama Zoo) from 1914, as well as the location of the former Children's Amusement Park 兒童遊園. In 1986 the zoo was relocated to Muzha (where it's still found today) and the amusement park for children was greatly expanded, it became 3 times bigger (Source).

Let me show you my photos of Children's Recreation Center from August 2012:

The banner in Chinese and English makes it easy to find the entrance.

The first part is like a huge public square.

It is the stage for various performances.

There was a yo-yo juggling performance when we arrived.

A Fujianese house from the Qing dynasty with a sparrow tail roof.

This aunty knew how to protect herself from the sun.

The boys were very skilled.

It felt like we were in the old China.

But it was extremely hot, some of them clearly struggled.

We walked further to make some more photos.

Spectators hiding in the shade, licking popsicles.

We went inside a small courtyard.

It was very pleasant here, because it was cooler.

We went up the stairs to the bell tower.

We saw the girls perform below.

They were also juggling with yo-yos.

At the end they performed together.

Boys were throwing the yo-yos in the air and catching them.

It was a great performance, a pleasure to watch.

A beautiful entrance.

We decided to go a garden at the back.

A small pond.

The nature is very beautiful here.

A playful young couple was slowly walking up the stairs.

A look back reveals my wife taking photos.

An old concrete lantern from the Japanese times.

The exit - if you go out here, you will reach the Story house.

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Map and useful information


Pinyin: Táipěi Shìlì Értóng Ǜlè Zhōngxīn
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Entrance fee: 30 NTD
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