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Youth Park, Wanhua, Taipei

8/28/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Youth Park or Qingnian Park 青年公園 located in southeastern part of Wanhua district is one of Taipei's biggest parks. It's not as known as the Daan Forest Park or historically significant as the 228 Peace Memorial Park, but it has its share of history. It used to be a training field for the Imperial Japan's Taiwan Army in the first half of the 20th century. Later it was turned into a small airport, before it was transformed to a park. It was opened to public in 1977. Read more about the Park's history and other particularities in Uwe Madonna Maurer's well written article. I decided to visit this park out of curiosity and headed there simply by foot from the Botanical gardens. It takes about 15 minutes and it's not that far. This part of Wanhua, which is bordering to Zhongzheng is vastly different than the part near Longshan temple: The housing is mostly poor and a feeling of anxiety went all over me, when I walked to this park. It's hard to describe why, but it didn't feel pleasant to walk along the Nanhai Road. Nevertheless, the park was a very good experience. It's big and green, feels like a different world compared to its surrounding residential area. The best part was the Nine Curves Bridge and the pond with a fountain. And even though the park is dedicated to the youth, I mostly saw elders in that area.

Let me share some of my photos from August 2012:

The first image when you come from Nanhai road.

The interesting Nine Curves Bridge.

I had to walk here of course.

The fountain.

Another angle.

The pond is turned into a small canal full accompanied by trees.

The canal and its green inhabitants.

A view back.

Another more open part is used as a recreation venue for elders.

I believe these are practitioners of "tai chi" 太極拳.

A big dragon statue is reigning over the central part of the park.

Looks lovely.

The Nine Curves Bridge again.

In conclusion

If you like wide spaces, this is the park for you. It's much less glamorous than Daan Park, you can be more casual here. I've seen people having a picnic or just laying on the grass and sleeping. An old man was singing songs to himself, while young kids were playing badminton. This is a people's park and probably one of Taipei's less known treasures. Be sure to keep it this way and not tell around. Thanks!

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