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Taiwan Tobacco And Liquor Corporation

8/23/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Taiwan Tobacco And Liquor Corporation 台灣菸酒公司, short TTL, is located in the former building of the Monopoly Bureau of the Taiwan Governor's Office, which was established under the Japanese occupation in 1901. The neo-Renaissance building was built in 1922 and is located right next to the old South Gate from the Qing dynasty (source). The state owned company is famous for producing the popular Taiwan Beer.

This Japanese Girl loves Taiwan Beer.

You can read about the history of the corporation here and here. To see the building, go out at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall MRT Station and go out at Exit 7. There's some security around the building and the whole area, which makes taking photos a little bit uneasy, nevertheless, if you have a good camera, it should be no problem.

See some of my photos of the TTL building from 2011:

The building is a crossover between a church and a mansion.

The tower is the building's most notable part.

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