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Judicial Yuan, Taiwan

8/02/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Judicial Yuan 司法院 is the highest judicial body in Taiwan (a.k.a. Republic of China). The building, also known as Hall of Justice, was built between 1929 and 1934 by the Japanese colonialists and served as the High Court of the Taiwan Governor's Office, Prosecutor's Office and the Taipei District Court. It incorporated Taiwan's highest judicial organ of the Japanese occupation era (source). What doesn't seem obvious at the first glance is the top 4th floor, which was added in 1977, because more space was needed. If you look closely (here a photo comparison), you can see that the upper part is not completely the same, but very similar. What is special about the building's design are the green bricks and that pineapple pattern on top of the 3rd floor, that stretches to the east and west. The architecture is a mix of Byzantine, Baroque and even Arab elements (source).

Here are some of my photos of the Hall of Justice:

One of Taiwan's first "green" buildings.

The tower is the key point of the building.

The small clock in the center is gives the building a unique touch.

The ROC flag on top of the tower.

Taipei's green palace.

Download a movie about the Judicial Yuan here | automatic download>>

The Judicial Yuan is not be a tourist site and is rarely found on tourist brochures (unlike the neighboring Presidential Palace), but I would still recommend you to pass by and have a look.

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