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Huashan 1914 Creative Park, Taipei

8/24/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Huashan 1914 Creative Park 華山1914文創園區 is a former wine factory from the early 20th century, which is now turned into a center of art and fun. It was built in 1914 by the Japanese colonialists and became one of the main sake distilleries in Taiwan, it slowly fell into decay after 1945. It was rediscovered in late 1990s by alternative artists and after petitions and calls from various communities, given to Taiwan Cultural-Creative Development Co. Ltd. 台灣文創發展股份有限公司 in 2007, which renovated it and established it as Taipei's prime venue for alternative art, performances and workshops. You can read a very detailed history of the building here.

See some of my photos of the park from 2012:

The main building looks like a European factory.

Weekend crowd likes to relax here, lots of dogs and babies in the area.

That's one wooly poodle!

English lawn surrounds the core area.

Modern Taipei's glassy mushrooms are surrounding Huashan Park.

Neatly renovated brick facade.

A thick carpet of ivy covering the old walls.

A closeup on the ivy facade.

An opposite building.

A roofed promenade.

The yellow warehouse.

One of Taipei's finest night clubs is located here.

Hanging pots: The symbols of Taiwan's youth?

A passionate photographer.

A reservoir of the old kind.

Open window.

The chimney of Taiwan's future hope.

The red houses.

Huashan 2014

Huashan: A century of sake, ivy, trees, parties and poodles. But not only that, it's much much more. You have to see this part of Taipei, if you visit, because it will be a visual and sensual experience. Have a walk, have a drink or a dose of culture: Huashan Creativity Park will never leave you unimpressed. To find Huashan, go to Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station and go out at Exit 1. A five minutes of walk and you'll be there. Olé!

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