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Daxi Bridge, Daxi

8/11/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Taoyuan County's famous small town

Daxi bridge 大溪橋 is a suspension bridge in Daxi town in Taoyuan County. It's one of the most famous historic relics and attractions in the area. The first bridge over the Dahan river was already built during the Qing Dynasty and used very simple materials such as bamboo and stones. Under the Japanese rule in 1934 it was turned into a steel suspension bridge. Three decades later the bridge was in bad shape and the KMT government decided to reinforce it with concrete (in 1961). In 1963 a strong typhoon destroyed the foundation of the bridge, so they had to reinforce it. Two decades later in 1986 a new second bridge was built in Daxi and a second road connected the town with the rest of Taoyuan County - subsequently Daxi bridge lost importance. In 1994 a third bridge was built nearby the town and Daxi bridge completely lost its former significance. In 1996 another typhoon damaged the foundation of the bridge and the government decided to reinforce it again. Because the structure was not as strong as the new bridges, they forbid trucks and cars over 12 tones. In 2001 the government decided to add two wooden gates in neo-baroque style, as well as add more concrete pillars as a way of stabilizing the bridge. At last, they decided to close it for vehicles and reserve it only for pedestrians (source). It's today popular with visitors and tourists, who come to Daxi. The bridge is very beautiful during the night, because it's nicely decorated with lights (here a beautiful night photo by Cyber Island).

Check my photos of Daxi bridge from August 2012 right after typhoon Saola:

Dahan River 大漢溪

The Dahan river was muddy that day.

This is one of the newer bridges in Daxi.

The other side of the Dahan river.

Zhongzheng Park 中正公園

Zhongzheng Park is the biggest, if not the only park in Daxi town. It's located right above Dahan river and connected with the Daxi bridge by a concrete stairway.

A sailing boat sculpture in the park.

Swings are an attraction in the park. Many obasans like to enjoy them.

Benches are placed in the middle, where people rest or eat a snack.

A pavilion.

Daxi Bridge 大溪橋

The Daxi bridge as seen from the Zhongzheng park.

A closer view.

The neo-baroque gate.


The front view.

The muddy Dahan river.

The water was pretty high.

A closeup on the visitors.

An uncle interested in the statue.

This is another symbol of Daxi.

Daxi Presbyterian Church

This might be one of the tallest buildings in Daxi.

It's pretty majestic for a Taiwanese church.

This shot shows it in the best way.

Walking further, you can see the famous Wude Hall, formerly a Japanese dojo>>

After my wife and I saw the Old Street and the famous bridge, it was time to go home. We decided to slowly head back to where we started: At the entrance of the Old Street.

This is the direction to the Old Street.

A side street was our shortcut.

We walked through small parts of the Old Street again.

And ended up here near the neo-classical Chinese overpass.


If you're into photography, Daxi Bridge and the Dahan River with the surrounding mountains offer some stunning views. It's definitely worth a visit. I would go in the afternoon and wait for night to fall in order to see the bridge adorned with lights as well.

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