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Control Yuan, Taiwan

8/21/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Control Yuan 監察院, formally known as the Taipei Prefectural Hall 台北州廳 from 1915, is a government agency located in Zhongzheng district. Its purpose is monitoring and auditing of other government branches (source). What is interesting about this agency is the building it resides in. It's the former Prefectural Hall of Taipei during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan from 1895 to 1945. It's said, that this is one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque architecture in Taiwan. It was designed by Moriama Matsunoke 森山松之助, who among others also designed the current Office of the President and the Guest House, both buildings were inspired by European styles and are located very close to the Control Yuan. To read more about the internal structure of the agency, check this article, for more on architecture see the video below.

Here are some of my photos from the Control Yuan, 2011:

The front part with the Byzantine-style domes.

The western side of the building.

Another view from the street across.

A video highlighting the building's architecture.
In conclusion:
The Control Yuan building should definitely be part of your travel itinerary, if you come to visit Taipei, because it highlights how strongly Japanese imperialists were influenced by European art and architecture. It is for me as an European, who lives in Taiwan pretty strange to see these fine buildings scattered all over Taipei, but they are part of the cities history and indicators of turbulent times, that are thankfully long gone.

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