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Zhongzheng Park, Yangmingshan

7/28/2012 Taiwan Explorer
First hike on Taipei's famous mountain

Zhongzheng Park 中正公園, named after former R.O.C. president Chiang Kai-shek, is one of the most popular spots on top of Taipei's Yangmingshan Mountain. We arrived here after a short hike from the last bus stop. A famous fountain marks the entrance of this area, while an even more famous flower clock marks the ending point. The Zhongzheng park is one of the most visited places on Yangmingshan during the cherry blossom season in early spring, but visiting in summer is also a good idea, the park is beautiful all year long.

Check our photos of Zhongzheng park from July 2012:

This area marks a transition to the park.

Chinag Kai-shek used to rest in this pavilion. So were many other people.

A narrow pathway along the main road.

This one leads into the park.

One of the loveliest pavilions in the park.

Wang Yangming 王陽明

Wang Yangmin (1472-1529) was a Chinese scholar and a philosopher, leader of the neo-Confucian idealism. His philosophy influenced the early Kuomintang, especially Chiang Kai-shek, who named Yangmingshan Mountain after him. This is one of his famous quotes:

The great virtue of man lies in his ability to correct his mistakes and to continually make a new man of himself.

Wang's statue is placed in the middle of Zhongzheng park, overlooking Taipei City. You can read his brief biography here. For more of his famous quotes, go here.

Wang Yangming was his courtesy name, he was born as Wang Shouren.

This is the view Wang can see every day.

Nearby was a tree, under which we rested. A squirrel caught our attention.

It was eating some nuts up there, small bits were falling down on us.

Walking further, we went closer to the Guangfu Building.

Lots of stone stairs leading up here.

Another one. We skipped both.

Right here is the famous Guangfu Building. Read more in my post>>

A big parking lot, useful during cherry blossom season, empty during summer.

The famous Flower Clock on Yangmingshan. Check an old photo by Lentz here.

One of the nearby peaks rising above the park.

Yangmingshan shuttle bus

After taking pictures of the Flower clock, we slowly walked back to the big crossroads at the end of the parking lot. There is a bus station at the Hushan Road (see on maps here). A mini bus arrived and we took it all the way down to Xinbeitou area with the last stop at Beitou MRT Station. The bus was not free, you have to tap your EasyCard, when you alight. The ride was very bumpy, because the road is long and winding and the driver was speeding like crazy. Nevertheless, it was a great way to go back to Taipei City.

The small bus, that brings you down from Yangmingshan.

The Chinese Culture University, photo taken from the bus.

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