Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Making out in Taipei's Metro

7/19/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Not your everyday affair in Taiwan

This couple is not related to the story, but ain't they cute?

Today, when I was riding the MRT train back home, I saw a very unusual scene. A young Taiwanese couple, probably in their early twenties, were making out - in the train! Well, making out might be a too strong word, what happened is, she was having her arms around him all the time, they they were looking each other in the eyes, occasionally kissing, giggling and touching... and at some point, she was even popping one of his chest zits (well, there goes the romantic storyline). It was obvious, that they are totally in love and can't keep their hands off each other. It was really a cute image, something I probably won't see any time soon, because such public display of affection is deemed very inappropriate in Taiwan. What was interesting to observe is how everybody around the couple completely minded their own business (which equals to: "I'm just gonna pretend nothing's happening, but I think it's outrageous"). There was an obasan standing next to the girl and she was visibly uncomfortable with the hormonal eruptions in her neighborhood, but she didn't say anything and tried to look away as much as possible. A few stops later the couple left and I was standing there and wondering about one thing: How would everybody feel, if that guy was me, a waiguoren?

I fear, that something similar to this would happen. What do you think?

[My UNIQUELY TAIWANESE page][Photo by MKL, 2012]