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Guang Hua Digital Plaza, Taipei

7/08/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Guang Hua Digital Plaza 光華商場 is Taipei's "3C paradise". It's the most famous shopping mall in Taiwan, that sells computers and computer peripherals. You can PCs, tablets, phones, external drives, NAS, accessories, mother boards - you have everything for the "normal" home user to the power user. Gamers might find some great hardware here. If you're looking to find products from brands such as Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer, A-Data, Thecus, Synology, QNAP, D-Link, Buffalo and many many more here. People say you can find bargain prices: Perhaps. But I'm not so into these brands, as I am Apple user. I did however buy an iPad cover and the price and quality were quite good. The Guang Hua Digital Plaza is often used by suppliers as a venue for product launches and hot show girls are invited to dance and warm up the crowds. It's a scene.

Here are some of my photos fom July 2012:

The characters read as Guāng Huá Shāng Chǎng.

The entrance of the Digital Plaza.

Inside doesn't look too new, even though the building is only 4 years old.

Bubble tea shop celebrating its launch of the German branch.

The crowds.

This part can be much more crowded.

A premium shop.

Western Digital Hard drives over an Asus ad.

Asus Rampage IV Extreme Republic of Gamers in Taipei City?

DVD shop, not the cheapest.

This shop will stick the cellphone or smartphone (let's say iPhone) cover for you (for $).

D-Link IP cameras.

Prices of Hard Drives in July 2012. Might change very soon.

The plaza has a small yard with a beer garden, but no beer drinkers.

The backside of Taipei's Digital Plaza.

Check some videos of cute Taiwanese show girls:

A lot of firewood in front of the cottage.

NVIDIA's answer to Girls' Generation.

NVIDIA hotties dancing to promote the newest addition.

Cute Taiwanese show girls in action.

The Guang Hua Digital Plaza's opening hours are from 10:00 to 21:00. You can find the plaza by exiting Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT Station and walk for about 5 min. The whole area is full of shops that sell gadgets, cameras, lenses and computers, so you can spend a plenty of time here, if you're into these things (geeks galore!).

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Pinyin: Guānghuá shāngchǎng
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