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Chinese Culture University, Taipei

7/22/2012 Taiwan Explorer
One of Taipei's most unique universities

Chinese Culture University 中國文化大學 (short CCU) is one of the most interesting private universities in Taipei. I say interesting, because it has a unique architecture and an amazing location unlike any other university in the city. It's located on Yangminshan Mountain overlooking most of the Taipei City. Its campus consists of aplenty of buildings in neoclassical Chinese architecture, stressing the university's mission of promoting Chinese culture. My wife and I felt it would be a great way to take a break from Taipei's hustle and bustle, so we decided to go up there and have a look. We took the bus #260 at the backside of Taipei Main Station and it took us about 25 minutes, before we reached up there.

Here are my photos from Chinese Cultural University from July 2012:

The village

There's a small village around the CCU, where you have to get off.

There is a MOS burger, 7 Eleven and even a Mac Donald's.

The huabiao guarding the university - turn left here.

This is an American neighborhood from the times, when US soldiers were stationed in Taiwan. Most houses are abandoned today, but some were bought by locals.

Next is a Taiwanese part again.

The road splits here, we turned left.

The Chinese Culture University

On the right is one of the university buildings.

The Dayi Hall with the round-shaped roof is one of the highlights here.

The Dacheng building.

A side view.

The upper part of the Dayi Building.

A closeup.

The main entrance of the Dayi Building.

A statue of Master Kongfuzi nearby.

A Chinese Culture University campus map.

Bridge connecting two buildings is useful during the harsh winters.

The rooftop of the Dayi Building.

A big square - or to put it more accurately - a parking lot.

We went to a small terrace with a nice view.

At first you see a bush garden.

But when I zoomed in, I saw northwestern Taipei.

Lots of new buildings on the right.

Future Taipei Port close to Tamsui in the distance.

The sun was brutally hot that day, but I really love this photo.

The massive Dazhong Building.

The super high Daen Building.

We were headed back to the Dayi Building.

Atop the Dayi Building

Since we have summer holidays these days, the university is almost completely abandoned. Therefore we saw several buildings empty with the main door open. My wife thought, we could go inside and check the view from the rooftop. I wasn't sure, if it's ok to do so, but we just went in, took a lift to the top floor and enjoyed the view.

This is the Dayi building inside.

The Daen Building.

View on Taipei's suburbs.

The round tower atop the Dayi Building.

My wife trying to hide from the janitor... or maybe he's just a student.

The village on the other side.

The noodle shop

After the walk we went to this old noodle shop, my wife loves their beef noodles.

The interior looks like hasn't changed for 30 years (which is probably true).

The beef noodles were quite tasty, my wife was happy.

In conclusion

The Chinese Culture University is definitely worth an afternoon stroll, if you happen to look for great views and for something off the beaten track. The air is much fresher up there and the ambiance is pretty relaxed, especially in summer.

The university was founded in 1962 and is today known for being one of the prime destinations for future journalists as well as masters of martial arts. Here's an excerpt from the university's website, that highlights their philosophy:

"To many, the essence of Chinese tradition consists in literature, history, and philosophy, while the merits at least of modern Western civilization have been science and democracy. Yet, Chinese culture if it is to continue to grow and prosper in its present historical and global setting must inherit the best that the East and the West has to offer."

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Pinyin: Zhōngguó Wénhuà Dàxüé
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