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Xinbeitou, Taipei's hot spring paradise

6/18/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Xinbeitou 新北投 (or New Beitou) is a popular area in Taipei's Beitou district, which is famous for its numerous hot springs and wellness resorts. It's one of the most popular parts of Taipei city attracting a lot of local and foreign visitors, however it has a feel of a completely different place. Beitou is Taipei City's most northern district, located in a small remote valley. I've been in Taipei for almost two years by now, but I've never been to Beitou before, which was a shame and had to be changed. Today was a very nice and sunny day and I asked my wife, if we could go there for a stroll and explore the area. She was immediately interested and so we spent our Sunday afternoon walking along the Beitou stream 北投溪 all the way to the famous Puji temple 普濟寺. This post is just a collection of interesting photos we took along the way, I will share more photos about popular attractions in this area in separate posts.

Our trip started at the Beitou Station, where we headed to Xinbeitou:

This colorful mini train brings you to Xinbeitou.

The interior is different than other trains of Taipei Metro.

Right after arriving in Xinbeitou, we knew where to go: All arrows pointed to left.

The Beitou park was inviting us.

The fountain in the center was bringing joy to these kids.

This lady was reading newspaper.

This young man was passionately taking photos of the Beitou library (so was I).

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My wife was eager to take some great photos as well.

She took this picture of the Beitou Hot Spring Museum.

The very "green" brown wooden Beitou public library.

The Hot Spring Museum inside - a purely Japanese atmosphere.

A young couple capturing a romantic moment (Ps: They were kissing).

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My wife taking photos of the sulphuric Beitou stream.

Some locals could not resist to dip their feet in the healing water.

"Wellness and chatter go well together", said the mum to her daughter.

The Beitou stream digging his way through the greeneries.

Lattice transmission tower overlooking the valley.

Those sieves are used for carrying eggs.

The water is so hot here, you can boil eggs in that toilet-looking pot.

It's not kissing that made her thirsty, it was the hot Sunday sun.

We decided to go up, because that's where He usually is.

The image of the beautiful Japanese Puji Temple was worth the climb.

Soon after we decided to walk back and follow the stream's way.

The big paifang above the Xinbeitou station.

Instead of taking train, we decided to walk to Beitou Station.

We passed through the very local Beitou Night Market.

Arriving at Beitou Station: Our afternoon trip was over. Au revoir, Baiteau!

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