Monday, June 04, 2012


Taiwan What's Up leaflet design

6/04/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Let's spread some diversity!

My wife went to the local immigration office a few days ago to enquire something for me and the officer gave her a leaflet promoting the National Immigration Agency's biweekly newsletter. The photos of six more or less cheerful foreign immigrants caught my attention:

Hey, National Immigration Agency, What's Up? How about some more diversity for a change? Not all of us immigrants look like them. [Btw, I actually do... oops.]

Nevertheless, I like the effort here. There's even a website designated for us named It's highlighting a free hotline for foreigners, as well as storing a whole lot of biweekly newsletters in PDF format (in English and Chinese), here one example (you can read about the President's successful second inauguration. Lot's of good stuff for us foreign immigrants - thumbs up to NIA!). Btw, it's the China Post, that complied the above leaflet and they are also in charge of the biweekly newsletters since a year and a half. I've nothing about China, but I'm a bit surprised, that a Chinese newspaper is working so closely with Taiwan's government. This is actually good news for us foreigners after some of the recent commentary, that wasn't that nice.

[UNIQUELY TAIWAN][Photo by MKL, 2012]