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Sinjhuang Night Market, Taipei

6/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Sinjhuang Old Street Night Market 新莊老街夜市 (also spelled as Xinzhuang Night Market) is the biggest night market in Sinjhuang, Taipei's Western district. This was not a night market I would recommend to foreign visitors, but it's a good enough market for the local residents in the area. The highlight in the area is the old and well preserved Ciyou Temple 慈祐宮, a must see for every visitor to Sinjhuang.

MY IMPRESSION: The night market stretches along the Sinjhuang Road 新莊路 and demands a good walk, if you want to see the most of it. It's quite clean and well maintained, but street food-wise, it hasn't impressed me that much. The focus of this night market is more on food and shopping, less on food.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: Some of the foods and dishes, that are popular in the area are Shiitake red stew 香菇赤肉羹 (xiānggū chì ròugēng), simmer-fried noodles 紅燒麵 (hóngshāo miàn), shrimp soup 蝦仁羹 (xiārén gēng) and the common marinade 滷味 (lǔwèi).

MUST-TRY FOOD AT SINJHUANG NIGHT MARKET: I don't have any particular recommendations.

Let me share our photos of Sinjhuang Market from with you:

The pyramid above the Shintai Road 新泰路 marks the night market's entry point.

Two lovely girls going to the night market.

Getting some bubble tea first to ease our thirst. The megaphone was so annoying, we could hardly bear the noise.

The narrow lane of the first part.

A popular temple.

This is more like a shopping street.

There weren't too many people here that day.


This is a famous street food from Beijing, also popular in Taiwan.

It's very sweet and not so easy to eat.


One of my favorite snacks as a kid. I haven't tried it here, though.

All about clothes here.

An in-depth view.

Closer to the end of the night maket - very few food stalls.

The old Ciyou temple is one of the more interesting sights in this part.

Inside the Ciyou temple.

We decided to walk towards the river.

On the other side is the Banciao Xinpu area.

A busy road along the river.


The restaurant seemed to be the only interesting place in the area.

It's located at the end, near the Ciyou temple.

The prices are very good, but the interior design is not up to date.

We had bamboo and shark meat with with wasabi.

And we had these noodles as well - all in all quite good, but very normal dinner.

IN CONCLUSION: It would not be my favorite night market, because I'm not so much into shopping, but nevertheless, it's worth to see the old street and the temple, maybe with a cup of bubble tea in your hands.

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