Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Shueiwei Fishing Harbor, Jinshan

6/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Jinshan's smaller harbor

The Jinshan Shueiwei Fishing Harbor 水尾漁港 is the smaller of the two harbors in Jinshan (on the map the one at the bottom). The harbor is very small, but there is a nice bay with a sandy beach, where you can take a stroll. You can also see the Yehliou cape from afar. It's the part of Jinshan with very nice views. From the central Jinshan to the Shueiwei Fishing harbor you can walk, it will take between 10-15 minutes.

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Enjoy some of my pictures from June, 2012:

A bridge upfront, the Yehliou cape at the back.

You can see the steam from the hot springs at the back.

This is a cemetery for urns.

We decided to go on top of the bridge.

The view on the Jinshan beach is breath-taking.

Under the bridge.

View back on Jinshan's hinterland.

A small stretch of houses close to the harbor.

The famous Yehliou.

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A fish boat trying his luck.

The sandy beach of Jinshan.

I'm not sure what is the meaning of purpose of this.

This looked like an abandoned hotel. Tourism seems dead here (a pity).

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For some reason, dogs really loved this beach. I saw so many of them here.

We soon walked back and passed by this interesting piece of art.

Happiness No. 3 幸福三號

We decided to rest a little and have some ice cream in this ice cream shop.

It looked like someone's private garden - that's because it was.

Beautiful Taiwanese girl taking the ice cream from the old lady.

It was quite yummy. but you gotta eat fast or it'll start drippin'.

On the way back we saw this common scene. Go back to my Jinshan post>>

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