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Puji Temple, Beitou, Taipei

6/30/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Puji Temple 普濟寺 is one of the few remaining temples, that originate from the Japanese colonial times in Taiwan. The structure was built from 1905 to 1915. The temple is dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of mercy Tangshou Guanyin (read more on Taipei Government's website). When my wife and I strolled along the Beitou Stream, we decided to visit this temple as our last destination on that day, because it's quite far inside the valley. The only problem we had was fining it. At last, we has to use my iPhone's Google Maps to navigate in the right direction, but that didn't take too long. Let me show you some images of this secret Japanese temple.

This is where we realized we went too far inside.

We went a little back and found the right direction: It's up here.

Few steps up and then turn right: Small signboard shows direction.

Wifey opened the wooden door.

And then we walked up here for about a minute.

And there it was - the Puji temple!

The beautiful tray.

The small park nearby.

We only stayed for a minute here, because the visiting hours were until 17.00, but it was already close to 18.00 and we didn't want to disturb anyone. Next time I hope I can see the inside and share it here with you.

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