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Nanbin Night Market, Hualien

6/12/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Nanbin Night Market 南濱夜市 is Hualien's largest night market, located right next to the Pacific ocean, somewhere close to the very center of the city. Usually it's the night market, where people go to play, while on the smaller yet exquisiter Ziqiang Night Market they prefer to eat.

MY IMPRESSION: The night market is quite big. It's located on what seems to be a parking lot close to the shores of the Pacific ocean. It reminded me a little of the Dom in Hamburg, a popular fun fair, but unlike in Hamburg, the games are rather simple. But unlike the Dom in Hamburg, which is located in the city, Nanbin Night Market is not too close to a residential area, which is good, because it can get very noisy.

WHAT KIND OF FOOD IS COMMON: Food is really a secondary thing in Nanbin, probably only attracting those visitors, who hadn't gone to the Ziqiang Night Market before and want to fill their bellies before enjoying an evening of playing games. You have your regular and standard ciao chi, such as fried corn, fried meat, juice and tea shops, sea food and steak. Nothing ground breaking here - just grab a snack and play is the credo here.

MUST-TRY FOOD AT NANBIN NIGHT MARKET: I heard the steaks on the hot plate are tasty here and quite popular - give it a try.

Let me share our photos of Nanbin Night Market from with you:

The Night Market is located next to the busy Nanbin Road.

One of the most giant gates to a night market I have ever seen.

This might not be the neatest night market, but I've seen worst.


Right next to the entrance is a very popular fruit juice stall.

Is that because the juice is so tasty or the vendors so cute?

Cuteness apparently helps to get attention.

We decided to head inside in the crowds.

The mean linhts made it hard to snap decent photos.


This is a very old and popular stall here. It sells fried corn.

Fried corns - Taiwanese love them!

A typical image from the Nanbin Night Market.

All kinds of fried things.

A food court.

Shoot down those plates and get a Doraemon doll.

Fishing for turtles with small pins on the back. You can't keep the turtle, tho.

Night Market basket ball championship.

That's one angry bird.

Don't shoot the lady, young man!

Another lane to walk through.

Hungry players.

This part is emptier.

Back to where we started.

Little Sunshine stall - cute name.

Youngsters on the outlook.

This is close to the ocean. We didn't go that far.

We decided to go back home.

Bye bye, Nanbin.

IN CONCLUSION: Nanbin Night Market is not a food paradise, but it's definitely worth a visit, because you can see a lot of interesting things. And if you're into games, it will definitely be your favorite night market - I haven't seen any other night market in Taiwan, that would have so many games to offer. Here is the Nanbin Night Market on a map.

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