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Jinshan, Northern Taiwan

6/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer
The Golden Mountain town

Jinshan 金山 (sometimes Chin Shan, formerly known as Jinbaoli 金包里) is a small town and a district on Taiwan's northern coast, located very close to Wanli and Yehliou, as well as Keelung City. My wife and I decided to pay this nice little town a visit and explore its beautiful spots. Jinshan, literally Golden Mountain, is famous for various hot springs, as well as an old street named Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街 and a big cemetery a little bit north from the town called Chin Pao San 金寶山.

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It took us about 1h 30 min from Taipei Main Bus Station to Jinshan. There are several buses driving in that direction, the usual frequency on a Saturday is every 30 min a new bus. The ride is long, because the bus makes several stops along the way. It took nearly 30 min before we left Taipei and entered the highway near Xizhi. From there it's quite fast until the suburbs of Keelung, where it becomes slow again - the area is hilly and the roads are winding. Takes some time to reach Wanli. After that it just needs about 10min to reach Jinshan's central part.

Let me share some photos of Jinshan with you:

Our bus was modern and air conditioned. The ride was pleasant.

This is the little bay between Wanli and Jinshan.

You can see Jinshan town in the far distance.

A lovely pavilion overseeing the bay.

We alighted at the main Zhongzheng Road.

While walking to the Old street, I saw this magnificent rice field.

The Cihu Temple 慈護宮

The Cihu Temple is located at the entrance of the Old street.

The Cihu Temple is dedicated to Mazu.

The Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街

The Old Street was lively, but not overly crowded.

The middle part was a little bit crowded, though.

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We went back to Zhongzheng Road.

This is the busiest part of Jinshan.

A forest of sign boards.

Zhongzheng Road.

We went back to the Old Street and into a side lane.

Walking through this park, we headed north to the coast.

This is the view south to the inner Taiwan.

This is a big cemetery for urns overlooking the town.

The Shueiwei Fishing Harbor 水尾漁港

We headed to one of the two harbors in Jinshan. This is the smaller one.

A nice little bridge offers a great view.

This is the sandy beach near Jinshan. You can also see Yehliou from afar.

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Jinshan Night Market 金山夜市

At last we visited the Jinshan Night Market, but quickly left.

Jinshan is great for a small trip from Taipei. You could go to to Wanli and Yehliou in the morning and reserve an afternoon for Jinshan. You can enjoy good food, a nice scenery and a good bath in the nearby hot springs. The town is not as polished up as Wanli, but it has a certain charm. I'm looking forward to see more of Taiwan's northwestern coast.

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