Sunday, June 10, 2012

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Jinbaoli Old Street, Jinshan, Taiwan

6/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer
One of Taiwan's most northern Old Streets

The Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街, also known as Jinshan Old Street 金山老街, is one of the most popular streets of Jinshan Town, one of Taiwan's gems on the northern coast. My wife and I visited it during our short trip to the lovely town and I want to share some of my images below. The street is not too long, but it has some decent food along the way.

Jinbaoli is Jinshan's old name.

The entrance to the street is located next to the Cihu Temple.

One of the very few preserved old buildings here.

Bamboo cones.

It was a Saturday afternoon and not too crowded on this part.


This vendor caught our attention.

We decided to get some of these crabs.

A very delicious snack - thumbs up! I loved it.

Vendors pleasantly chatting.

Yam potatoes are here sold en mass.

Most popular restaurant

Closer to the middle.

This restaurant in the very middle of the Old Street is the most popular in Jinshan.

You pick your main dish, which costs around 180 NTD and fried noodles for 30 NTD here.

Then you need to go to another place nearby to eat (here 1st floor).

Fried noodles and duck meat. The duck was very chewy, not my thing, but wife loved it.

The chewy duck with small bones is just the way Taiwanese like it.

Almost at the end of the Old Street.

The end of the Jinshan Old Street. Go back to Jinshan post>>

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