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Beitou Library, Taipei

6/29/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Beitou Branch of Taipei Public Library 台北市立圖書館北投分館 is a marvelous wooden structure in Xinbeitou, known as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world in some circles. Coming from a country, where wood is something very common in construction, I have to say that for Taipei's urban utopia, this building definitely sticks out as unique, perhaps even revolutionary. Most of Taipei consists of generic cubes plastered what seems to be cages. Seeing this library is almost a liberation of mind and soul for a European like me. Read in detail about all the interesting particularities of this library and check my photos below. Don't forget to go in, however taking photos is not allowed.

The entrance.

A view from the side.

Front view.

A peek inside.

Japanese girls.


A passionate photographer.

Side view.

The balcony at the back side.

Surrounded by trees.

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Pinyin: Táipěi Shìlì Túshūguǎn Běitóu Fēnguǎn
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