Tuesday, April 10, 2012

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Zhongguoren vs. Daluren

4/10/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Our silly conversations, part I

Sometimes my wife and I have very silly conversations regarding her Taiwanese identity. I am well aware that I too often push the envelope and she will let me know directly, when I'm overdoing it. I usually stop right away, so that I don't get in trouble. Below is a random conversation we had today. This might be funny to those, who know some basic Chinese. I want to show the conversation as it truly happened, hence the Chinese characters mixed with English. I'm sorry, if you are not able to read the Chinese part. Please don't take our dialogue too seriously.

Me: "Last time, when I met your mother, I talked with her about our Alishan trip in Chinese. I said: 在阿里山有很多的中國人。 And then she corrected me and said 大陸人。 So does that mean, that you are also 中國人? Does she think this way?"
* Her mom is from the South

Wife: "No!"

Me: "But officially you are 中國人, right? What does it say in your official document, what nationality are you?"

Wife: "中華民國。"

Me: "No, not country, I mean nationality. I'm sure it doesn't say 台灣人。"

Wife: "It says 中華民國。"

Me victoriously countering: "Ok, let me put it this way: You are not 日本人, right? You are not 韓國人... So what are you officially? Admit it, you are 中國人!"

Wife bluntly: "Shut up!"