Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Taipei in Grey photos

4/25/2012 Taiwan Explorer
Dark times are upon us

Taipei 101

Taipei is grey, dark, gloomy. Few exceptionally beautiful buildings stand out from the rest of the generic cube-shaped concrete bungalows plastered with tiles, that are covered by a thick layer of condensed smog. I'm walking between these cubes every day, and when it becomes unbearable, I increase my pace and escape to the complete opposite world: the Taipei Metro. It's not surprising, that the city is cleaner and more pleasant underground instead of the above, because it reflects the Taiwanese soul and all its inner torment.

Scooters and tiles: Convenience instead of aesthetics?

Golf 1: A German soul trapped in Taipei.

The morning motorcade.

The moment when the train hits you.

Morning commuters not feeling any joie de vivre.

Being a tall girl in Taipei must be interesting.

Escalation of motion in another world.

Expectation and nervousness.

Does the 9 year old boy know, what face-off means?

And the escalators at the main station still roll without ever stopping.

[UNIQUELY TAIWAN][All photos by MKL, 2012]