Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Yongle Street, Changhua City

2/26/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Yongle Street 永樂街 with the flowery translation "Forever Happy Street" is Changhua City's famous shopping street (find it on this map). Some also call it Yongle Stret Night Market, however, the street is interesting to visit during the day as well. For me, it did not impress me that much as Zhongli's Zhongping Road, because it's not purely reserved for pedestrians. There are just too many scooters whizzing by, making it inconvenient for those who want to take a slow stroll. You can find a few interesting shops and a quieter area near a beautiful old temple - these were my two highlights. But what I missed were cafés, where I could sit down and take a rest. Instead, most shops sell clothes. There are few tea shops in the area, but when it comes to food, I haven't seen anything interesting. That doesn't mean it's not there, though. If you know of some good restaurants in Yongle Street, let me know in the comments.

Check my photos of Yongle Street from January 2012:

We entered from the Zhongshan Street and saw this long scooter parking space.

When looking back: Scooters on the right, shops on the left.

Posters are covering many facades here.

A busy intersection.

Two ojisans on scooters.

Big entrance inviting customers.

Colorful snacks lured a young couple.

Looking back.

The usual browsing.

A mobile shop. I've seen one with branded watches at a bargain price.

Scooters lined up.

Fried taro balls near the temple.

The temple is located in the middle of the long street. The most quiet part of the area.

A look back again. Taiwan is Scooterland.

We've seen this gate when we exited Yongle Street.

This street is definitely not a must see spot in Changhua City, but it kinda reflects its predominant atmosphere, which is a mix of refurbished and run down, old and new, traditional and modern. I suppose if shopping for clothes is your aim, you won't regret coming here. But then again, I'm not too sure.

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