Monday, February 06, 2012

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Kagi Shrine 嘉義神社, Chiayi

2/06/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Kagi Shrine 嘉義神社 is a Japanese shrine north of Chiayi City built in 1915 during the Japanese rule over Taiwan (the name Kagi is just the Japanese version of Chiayi). In 1994 the original main hall of the shrine was burned down by a fire and in 1998 the 62m tall Sun Shooting Tower 射日塔 was built. Today only few buildings remain from those times, most notably the office, which was turned into the Historical Relics Museum (info source).

The main hall of the Kagi Shrine, which doesn't exist anymore (photo source).

Chiayi's new landmark, the Sun Shoot Tower, replaced the main hall of the Kagi Shrine.

We went there around noon and since it was Chinese new year, there were a lot of visitors. It was hard taking photos of the whole building, for one due to the incoming people and secondly due to a very strong back light. Anyhow I have managed to take few good photos for you. Have a look:

The entrance.

The canal.

The blessings tree.

Adding a blessing.

The garden.

The wooden exposure.

The western wall.

Pillars of hope.

Where the faces used to gaze.

Japanese roof.

Inside it's quite Japanese.

Writings of the past.

Museum's main space.


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