Monday, February 27, 2012

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Erlin 二林, Changhua County

2/27/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Erlin 二林 is a small township in Changhua County, located close to Taiwan's western coast and next to Lukang and not too far from Changhua City. In case you wonder how come I ended up in this godforsaken little town, it's because my wife and I went to Lukang during Chinese New year, but all the hotels there were either booked or overpriced. So we found a home stay near Erlin. The next day we took a bus from there to Changhua City. Since we had an hour to kill, we decided walk around. I made few pictures along the way and this is what we saw. Erlin has nothing interesting to see, the life is very slow-paced here, but people are very friendly.

Historic building from Japanese times - former police station. Now in decay.

The Erlin bus station.

Easy riders.

The Erlin boulevard equivalent

They also sell HTC here.

A day market... on the street.

Baozi vendor with no business.

Mother and daughter.

A bigger day market.

Japanese colonial remains and an old Bimmer.

A temple gave us some shade.

A stray dog passing by the temple.

Almost like old Japan...

Your generic Taiwanese small town atmosphere.

The new modern Police station.

Modernity again.

Shoemaker was busy.

Waiting for the bus.

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