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Sun Shooting Tower 射日塔, Chiayi

2/08/2012 Taiwan Explorer

Chiayi Tower 射日塔 is Chiayi City's landmark building. It's located in the north of the city, in the Chiayi Park and on the holy soil of the Kagi Shrine. This 62m tall phallic symbol is called Sun Shooting Tower in Chinese and was placed on the exact same spot, where the former main hall of the Kagi Shine has stood. The tower was built in 1998 and features very interesting design elements (source).

The leaning tower of Chiayi.

On the top of the tower is an observatory with a small café.

My wife decided to go up there and have a look. I concurred. So we went inside, paid a small fee and took the lift. Up there it's quite interesting: Nice view with a coffee... Ooh la!

If I were a monkey, I'd climb.

Donald Duck.

View down was dizzying!

The love spiral, so deep and wet.

This is on the very top: A small garden, the most beautiful garden of Southern Taiwan.

The view over Chiayi is amazing here.

Chiayi's urban jungle.

Look to the south.

Possibly the temple of Saint Konfuczinski?

This happens, when you compare a 62m tall stump with a 378m and 509m supertall skyscrapers. According to the artist they're all the same.

The coffee looked good, taste was ok.

Observing the world at your feet.


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