Saturday, February 25, 2012

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Changhua Confucius Temple 彰化孔廟

2/25/2012 Taiwan Explorer

The Changhua Confucius Temple 彰化孔廟 was built in 1726 and damaged and restored over the course of a very tumultuous history of Taiwan in the past 3 centuries (read more here). I've visited quite few Confucius Temples in Taiwan and I could say this one was next to the one in Tainan, one of the most impressive I've seen so far. The temple is very well integrated in its surrounding neighborhood, but when you enter its premises, you feel like you've been thrown back to Qing dynasty era. This is definitely a must-see site, if you come to Changhua City.

A protective wall.

You have to pass the oval door to make it to the main hall.

The majestic gate.

The main hall.

Front view.


The courtyard.

A detail.

Wooden doors with patina.

The altar.

The blessings.

Some hope, that their kid will pass an exam.

The Confucian school.

The doors are closed.

A peek inside shows how abandoned these class room is.

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