Sunday, February 05, 2012

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Spraying Water Chicken Rice Restaurant, Chiayi

2/05/2012 Taiwan Explorer

During my trip to Chiayi City, my wife and I went to one of the most popular restaurants, famous for its local delicacy: Chicken rice 雞肉飯. The shop's name is Spraying Water Chicken Rice Restaurant 噴水雞肉飯, located close to that central roundabout at the intersection between Zhongshan road and Wenhua road, the usually busiest part of the city.

A small lane is used for additional eating space.

The owner is working hard, my respect to him.

This is one of the popular dishes: Soup, soggy tofu and chicken rice.

The famous chicken rice dish.

The food was yummy, definitely, but I've also tried the same dish in another stall and it wasn't so bad. I'd say there are many good chicken rice stalls in Chiayi, so you don't need to focus only on this one.

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