Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Wugu 五股區, Taipei

1/17/2012 Taiwan Explorer
1. Introduction

• Known for: rural area
• Population: 81,000 (2012, source)
• Wade-Giles: Wu-gu
• Pinyin: Wǔgǔ
• Romaji: Goku
• Map: My map of Wugu

Wugu 五股區 is one of Taipei's northwestern districts. It's main urban area is bordering on Taishan, Luzhou and Xinzhuang, but the district itself is predominantly rural. There are not many interesting things to see here, but if you happen to find yourself here, I recommend you to see: West Cloud Temple and the Lingyun Monastery.

2. Points of interest

Below are selected points of interest of Wugu District. The ones I have already blogged about are linked in • bold, check them out. The ones without link are on my list to visit. Tip: To open links in new tab, hold down Ctrl or ⌘ while clicking on the link.


Xiyun Temple 西雲寺
• Lingyun Monastery 凌雲禪寺
• Lingyun Temple 凌雲寺 (內岩)

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